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With the rambunctious rhythms of freshly interpreted folk traditionals, as well as a handful of his own songs, Brian Kenneth will get your hands a-clapping and your toes a-tapping! logo Listen in, and let the boom-chuck of the bluegrass tunes and the melancholy of the folk melodies take you to a place the whisky tastes mild as the mountain dew, and the day after Sunday is Saturday all over again.


Born in the midwest metropolis of Indianapolis, Brian Kenneth grew up in Virginia and Florida, USA, and has been living and playing music in Germany since 2008. For the past four years, the German-American has been playing Appalachian folksongs to the folk fans of the Rhine-Main-Area.

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"Down the Road"

"No One to See to the Pie"

"The City Slicker"


The Irish-American Session